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An MOT test, short for Ministry of Transport test, is an annual examination required for vehicles in the UK that are over three years old. During the MOT test, certified technicians inspect various components of the vehicle to ensure they meet the legal standards for safety and environmental impact.

Here at Bearsted Auto Centre, we provide full MOTs in Maidstone, including a pre-test service, helping to ensure your vehicle can pass, or if more extensive work is necessary, that you are fully informed of the cost and expectations.

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The Test Includes Examination Of The Following 


Vehicle Identification

This includes checking the vehicle's registration plate, Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and engine number to ensure they are correctly displayed and legible.


Lights and reflectors

Inspection of all lights, including headlights, sidelights, indicators, brake lights, and fog lights, to ensure they are functioning properly and aligned correctly. Reflectors and other visibility aids are also checked.


Steering & suspension

Examination of the vehicle's steering system and suspension components for wear, damage, and correct operation.


Inspection of the braking system, including brake pads, discs, drums, hoses, and pipes, to ensure they are in good condition and operate effectively.

Tyres and wheels

Checking tyre condition, tread depth, and pressure, as well as examining the wheels for damage and correct alignment.


Seatbelts and seats

As part of your MOTs in Maidstone we complete an inspection of seatbelts for proper operation and security, and examination of seats for stability and safety.

Exhaust and emissions

Assessment of the exhaust system to ensure it is secure, not leaking, and meets emissions standards for environmental impact.

Bodywork & structure

Examination of the vehicle's bodywork and structure for corrosion, damage, and integrity.

Fuel system

Our mechanics in Maidstone will carry out a full inspection of the fuel system, including fuel lines, tanks, and caps, to ensure they are secure and leak-free.


Testing of the vehicle's horn to ensure it operates effectively and can be heard clearly.

Windscreen & wipers

Checking the windscreen for damage, including cracks and chips, and examining wiper blades for wear and correct operation.





Frequently asked questions for MOTs

What is an MOT?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. It is an annual test of vehicle safety, roadworthiness, and exhaust emissions required for most vehicles over three years old.

Why is MOT servicing important?

MOT servicing ensures that your vehicle meets the minimum safety and environmental standards required by law, promoting safer roads and reducing environmental impact.

When should I book an MOT service for my vehicle?

You should schedule an MOT service annually, starting from the third anniversary of the vehicle's registration. It's a legal requirement and helps ensure your vehicle remains safe and roadworthy.

How long does an MOT service take?

Typically, an MOT service takes about 45 minutes to an hour. However, it may vary depending on the condition of your vehicle and any necessary repairs.

Can I book an MOT service in advance?

Yes, we encourage customers to book their MOT in Maidstone in advance to secure a convenient time slot. You can book online or contact us directly.

What happens if my vehicle fails the MOT test?

If your vehicle fails the MOT test, we will provide you with a detailed list of issues and offer a quote for necessary repairs. You are not allowed to drive the vehicle until the issues are fixed, and it passes a retest.

Are there any hidden fees associated with the MOT service?

No, we are transparent about our pricing. The MOT fee covers the inspection, and any additional charges for repairs will be discussed with you before any work is undertaken.

Can I wait at the garage during the MOT service?

Yes, you are welcome to wait at our comfortable customer lounge while your vehicle undergoes the MOT service. We also offer complimentary refreshments.

Is it possible to reschedule my MOT appointment?

Yes, you can reschedule your MOT appointment, but please notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Late cancellations or no-shows may be subject to a fee.

Do you provide reminders for upcoming MOT services?

Yes, we offer a reminder service to help you stay on top of your MOT schedule. We can send you alerts via email or text message before your MOT is due.

Can you perform repairs if my vehicle fails the MOT test?

Yes, our experienced technicians are equipped to handle a wide range of repairs. We will provide you with a detailed quote and seek your approval before commencing any repairs.